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CN-102084491-A: 带有具有整合的掺杂分布的吸收体的异质结太阳能电池 patent, CN-102084917-A: 一种肉桂甘草茶的制备方法 patent, CN-102088533-A: Paper feeding double-sided file scanner capable of changing scanning mode according to power input patent, CN-102089703-A: 具有先进注入功能的照明装置 patent, CN-102089924-A: Ionic liquid electrolytes that include an anionic surfactant and electrochemical devices such as storage batteries comprising them patent, CN-102090240-A: Method for cultivating sesame seeds with high yield patent, CN-102090602-A: Seasoning patent, CN-102094275-A: 一种棉涤包芯纱的生产方法 patent, CN-102095442-A: Self-adsorptive type sensor fixed device patent, CN-102096937-A: 毛发运动合成器系统和用于毛发/皮毛流水线的优化技术 patent, CN-102098075-A: 一种联合检测的方法及装置 patent, CN-102099083-A: Putter head with maximal moment of inertia patent, CN-102100052-A: Portable communication terminal, program, and status indication method patent, CN-102100167-A: Method for promoting growth of young pinus tabulaeformis plantations patent, CN-102100700-A: 水银寒法热法两种炮制工艺 patent, CN-102100706-A: Method for evaluating quality of Chinese patent medicament by using metabonomics patent, CN-102102386-A: Water-saving self-turning off tap during soap application patent, CN-102103199-A: 基于三相电力系统模型的数字信号发生装置及方法 patent, CN-102104219-A: 光伏板用连接器 patent, CN-102104574-A: 一种ofdm-tcds信号收发方法、装置及系统 patent, CN-102104770-A: 湿地生态事件采集、预警方法及系统 patent, CN-102104813-A: 10g epon上行传输方法、设备及系统 patent, CN-102105253-A: High temperature electrostatic chuck and using method patent, CN-102105304-A: 保护膜 patent, CN-102107960-A: Method for processing high-arsenic and high-alkali wastewater patent, CN-102108096-A: Escherichia coli recombinant chicken alpha-gamma divalent interferon and preparation method thereof patent, CN-102109915-A: Soft pen writing device and electronic device with the same patent, CN-102113482-A: 含有乙草胺的复配除草剂 patent, CN-102115661-A: 一种特效防霜、溶霜、除霜擦亮剂 patent, CN-102115952-A: 纤维预浸材料布制法 patent, CN-102115964-A: 一种超高分子量聚乙烯纤维的干燥方法 patent, CN-102116398-A: Improved plastic metal loose joint pipe patent, CN-102116928-A: LED (light-emitting diode) illuminator directly used on standard halogen lamp holder patent, CN-102117285-A: 一种基于语义索引的检索方法 patent, CN-102117883-A: 一种降低相变存储器单元操作功耗的方法 patent, CN-102118024-A: 静电防护电路、液晶显示面板的静电防护电路及其阵列 patent, CN-102118551-A: 成像装置 patent, CN-102120738-A: 一种非表型儿茶素单体的制备方法 patent, CN-102121410-A: External oil filter for motorcycle engine patent, CN-102123369-A: 一种机器类型通信的计费方法和系统 patent, CN-102124316-A: Device and method for measuring engine torque, and control program patent, CN-102126789-A: Method and device for removing nitrates from drinking water patent, CN-102127766-A: 电路板微蚀废液再生循环工艺 patent, CN-102129470-A: Tag clustering method and system patent, CN-102130202-A: Method and system for forming Cu-In-Ga-S-Se absorption layer and cadmium sulfide buffer layer in antivacuum way patent, CN-102131405-A: 用于减肥手术患者的液体营养组合物 patent, CN-102131584-A: 辊磨机 patent, CN-102132163-A: 事故点标定方法和事故点标定装置 patent, CN-102133171-A: Methods for administering aripiprazole patent, CN-102133968-A: 环形多用瓶体 patent, CN-102134023-A: Swinging wire speed reducing device of wire winder patent, CN-102135611-A: 俄制着陆综合测试仪 patent, CN-102136043-A: 一种计算机系统及其度量方法 patent, CN-102136456-A: 一种存储器栅极结构的制造方法 patent, CN-102139792-A: Oil storage tank patent, CN-102143633-A: 基于rfid的led装置 patent, CN-102143812-A: A process for preparing foundry sand and a system therefor patent, CN-102145604-A: 浅冲两片罐uv变形印涂方法 patent, CN-102147445-A: 一种led故障检测系统及其专用芯片 patent, CN-102149769-A: Aqueous emulsion patent, CN-102149771-A: Composition, film and related methods patent, CN-102149854-A: 阴极和阴极形成方法 patent, CN-102150017-A: Method and device for determining positions patent, CN-102150063-A: 具有温度补偿的聚焦时间的液体透镜 patent, CN-102150198-A: 指令装置及通信方法 patent, CN-102159444-A: Front end on vehicle, particularly motor vehicle patent, CN-102164987-A: 用于合成聚合物的催化剂和方法 patent, CN-102165391-A: 多致动手持设备 patent, CN-102170974-A: 还原水雾产生装置以及电气设备 patent, CN-102171139-A: 纳米碳材料复合基板及其制造方法 patent, CN-102172037-A: 多厂商有条件接入系统 patent, CN-102173110-A: Sheet member and manufacturing method thereof, exhaust gas treating apparatus and manufacturing method thereof, and silencing device patent, CN-102174108-A: 内在化抗-cd74抗体和使用方法 patent, CN-102176916-A: Acne treatment compositions comprising nanosilver and uses patent, CN-102179207-A: Pressure-holding drainage device of autoclave patent, CN-102186603-A: Print head, printer patent, CN-102186835-A: 制备奈比洛尔的方法 patent, CN-102186861-A: Silsesquioxane compound having polymerizable functional group patent, CN-102187050-A: 管道/管子卷绕设备 patent, CN-102188029-A: 莴笋、胡萝卜、番茄汁饮品及其制备方法 patent, CN-102197010-A: 对二氯苯的制造方法 patent, CN-102197153-A: Magnesium alloy and magnesium alloy casting patent, CN-102200604-A: 偏振板及其制造方法 patent, CN-102203089-A: N-磺酰氨基多环吡唑基化合物 patent, CN-102203701-A: 接近界面设备、系统和方法 patent, CN-102205186-A: Phosphoric acid demister patent, CN-102210131-A: 提供交互式广告的系统和方法 patent, CN-102212132-A: Binding molecules capable of neutralizing rabies virus and uses thereof patent, CN-102214328-A: Cleaning management system and method patent, CN-102214459-A: 乐器收纳箱 patent, CN-102216799-A: 用于定位的dgnss校正 patent, CN-102223468-A: Mixed gray modulation high-gray-level and high-definition image displaying method and device patent, CN-102224560-A: 用于x射线管的辅助格栅电极 patent, CN-102227864-A: 多态dc-dc转换器 patent, CN-102231324-A: 一种调压绕线改装模 patent, CN-102232073-A: New compounds I patent, CN-102234932-A: Negative ion releasing towel and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-102235093-A: 预制构件现浇连接接头的施工方法 patent, CN-102235114-A: Burglarproof alarm lock patent, CN-102235574-A: 中高温太阳能系统的循环管道泄露检测系统 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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